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Spamtastic. Or not...

Discussion in 'Official News' started by Alteran, 19 January 2020.

  1. Alteran

    Alteran Horse Noises

    18 December 2011
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    Hi folks,

    A few of you may have noticed that the spam bots are back at it again. They'll go quiet for a while, and then they'll return in the the number of dozens at once, overwhelming the site and our volunteer moderators.

    At times like this our actions become reactionary - we can try and clean up the mess, but only after the bots have run a mock and created a mess in the first place.

    Please be on the lookout for bots - if you spot one, then feel free to report them. It's easier for us to stop an invasion if we catch it early.

    We've taken some precautions by preventing new accounts from starting new conversations - they will have to introduce themselves to the community before they can access other functions.

    Also please do let us know if you start to experience problems receiving emails from the forum. After a spam attack like the one we just had, people tend to report our emails as spam/junk and this does not help us solve the problem - this makes it much harder for us to send emails full stop.

    Your help and understanding is very much appreciated.


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