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Past Super Winter Brony Party - 25th January 2014

Discussion in 'Previous Meets' started by Spyker, 15 October 2013.

  1. Spyker

    Spyker Engineer Pony

    11 July 2012
    Likes Received:
    Art thanks to Mushrooshi

    Current registered attendees 200+

    So the time has come for next party.
    Those of you who went to the party I did with help from Stormswirl in London last April will know the format.
    But we are not one for complacency so this one will be bigger and better.​

    The Event will be held on
    Saturday the 25th of January
    18:00 - Midnight

    There will be pony and non-pony music
    There will be performances from the following:

    Acoustic Brony
    DJ Sleepypony
    The Living Tombstone

    Anneli Heed - Swedish Spitfire
    Will be coming
    Drawing by @Feyrah

    Julie Basecqz - French Rarity
    Will be coming


    It will also be the birthdays of the 2 people I am co-organising this event with
    So there will be birthday shenanigans for Stormswirl and Josh


    17:30 - Doors Open and Guestlist checked
    18:00 - Opening Ceremony and Birthday celebrations for Sleepypony and Josh
    18:20 - Acoustic Brony
    19:00 - EileMonty
    19:30 - The Living Tombstone
    20:30 - Overrun time / Break
    21:00 - JayB
    22:00 - Hmage
    23:00 - DJ Sleepypony
    00:00 - Finish

    Anneli and Julie will be doing signings
    Anneli 19:00 - 19:30
    Julie 19:30 - 20:00

    and may be joining in performances
    (exact times subject to change)


    The Venue for the Party is

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Address of the Venue is:
    80-84 Leadenhall Street, London EC3A 3DH

    Food and Drink is available
    The Bar is located in Zone 1, the closest tube stations are Aldgate, Tower Hill, Tower Gateway and Monument

    (it is a little hard to find so please look at the picture)

    The Party will be free to attend. But you will need to register a space​


    Please follow the UKofE rules for meets
    No Drama llamas and leave your spaghetti at the door

    Under 18s are welcome until 20:00
    Individuals under the age of thirteen (13) may only attend public meet-ups when accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of eighteen (18)

    Misc info

    The Venue is located underground in a business area of London
    (so we can make as much noise as we want)
    We have exclusive hire of the venue for the event
    Is the event free to attend? Yes
    Can I cosplay? Yes cosplay is allowed however please message me if you are fursuiting as we can only allow a limited number.
    Can anyone come? This is an open event for Bronies, but feel free to bring a loving and tolerant friend along but make sure they register.
    Security Info
    The lovely Codewolf and Co. will again be doing security
    Please Bring ID if you are 18+ you will need it!

    We reserve the right to refuse entry
    This event is being organised by Spyker, Stormswirl and Josh

    Registration (Book Your Space Here)

    Registration before the event is mandatory to guarantee your space.
    Booking will close 4 days before the start of the event.
    If you have not booked a space will not be allowed in.
    If you have a UKofE account please register here
    Or if you don't, please email me with the following 3 pieces of info to reserve your space
    Please include any additional friends/persons in this email to confirm their spaces.
    [email protected]
    Email Subject - Super Winter Brony Party
    1. Your name
    2. The age you will be on the 25th Janurary (we don't need your DOB, this is so we know who needs to leave at 20:00)
    3. Keep my attendance private? Yes/No

    We would like to keep this event and all future events free to attend. However this obviously costs us a lot of money. We would greatly appreciate any donations to help us out and make these events awesome.

    If you have any questions please email me or ask in the discussion thread
    This information is subject to updates and change at any time

    Who is Coming Here

    Discussion Thread Here

    Accommodation Thread Here

    External Links
    Bronies UK

    #1 Spyker, 15 October 2013
    Last edited: 28 April 2014

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