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Ponyville The Grand Opening

Discussion in 'Main Roleplay' started by Dragon, 24 August 2012.

  1. Spy!

    Spy! Especially Khaotic Krew Member

    18 March 2012
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    Night's ears pricked up as he became aware of the exchange of information. He turned around to the pony who had just spoken.
    "Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to have another copy of those contact details? I have a feeling I've seen the chap who did some of the masonry here before."

    Bramble beamed. "But of course!" She said, and passed another slip of paper from her saddlebag to Night. "Glad I could help, be sure to say hi for me!" Bramble said.

    "Now, has anypony seen any staff around here?" Bramble asked.

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