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Other The Survival on an Island Unknown.

Discussion in 'Main Roleplay' started by Bronti97, 4 December 2014.

  1. Bronti97

    Bronti97 Double Rainbow??? what does it mean?

    23 July 2014
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    OOC - Essentially what this roleplay is going to be is we are on a boat (or ship whichever sounds better) looking for an island which was rumored to have tonnes of gems. We are all on that ship laughing and chatting, after a while something happens to the ship (imaginations will kick in then hopefully :p) and we are all in the sea trying to swim and we see an island, we all get the the island one way or another and then we stay on that island in hopes of a rescue :) THAT WILL NEVER COME (or maybe if we decide we have had enough of the roleplay :D) i really hope many people join in on this roleplay and below will be the following rules

    - only allowed up to 2 characters at a time
    - if anyone gets banned then we shall just send the characters off to get firewood or something :p
    - NO physical violence, we can argue and we probably will, but no fighting with each other
    - Preferably correct Grammar most of the time, i know i'm not perfect but i also know some people don't know the use of a comma. (KCB please oblige)
    - anyone that joins late can just be survivors on the island that set up camp in the forest or somthing :p so dont worry if your late joining, everyone is welcome

    I hope this RP gets off the ground soon (turns into a Pegasus :p) see you guys in the roleplay

    Have fun :p

    (P.s the G (not George) was for shiggles :p)

    Tyler awoke from his cabin bed and stared at the ceiling for a while, thinking about his family. He cannot believe that he had left them behind so quickly. all of his friends, family, everyone he cared about he left without a thought. Oh well he cant dwell about the past now. he sat up from his bed and forced himself to go to the dock, he really needed the fresh air.

    On the deck was a pony he had met the previous night before they got onto the boat.

    "Hi there, sleep well?"

    "Not at all, i just hope that the hospital was able to cover my shift for today"

    "Im sure they have"

    He reassured the pony, well... at least he hoped he reassured her. He saw the door of the docks open and he saw an opaque image of a pony, or ponies cant really tell.

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