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This could get messy......:o

Discussion in 'Crafts and Cooking' started by daisyd, 8 July 2016.

  1. daisyd

    daisyd Honorary Pony

    1 October 2014
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    So I stupidly offered to make a large quantity of cupcakes for a friend's birthday party, which is just over a day away. Today I baked the cakes. Tomorrow I have to decorate them. The next day, we get to eat them. Yum.

    I am slightly nervous now, because it will be only the second time I've iced and decorated cakes in almost five years (the other time was last week, when I was trying out an icing recipe to see if it would be suitable to use - it wasn't :D ).

    I used to be a baker, until I was forced out of the balery into a totally different role in the shop I worked in, after returning from maternity leave. So I have literally not done any professional cake work at all in those five years (making cakes at home with my daughter does not count, she doesn't care what they look like!).

    I am now starting to think they're going to look rather like a steaming pile of pink and lilac manure with sparkly glitter on. Especially when they have to be transported from my home in Bucks to her place in Essex, via my mother's house in Berkshire.....I suspect I'll be sitting with a pile of cake boxes on my lap and twitching every time the car hits a bump in the road.

    I should have just decided to stop at the nearest shop to her place, which is literally five minutes drive away, and bought some cakes there. Like a big fat cheater :) but it's too late now.

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