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Trail Blaze unicorn

Discussion in 'Accepted/Active Characters' started by Flare Runner, 24 March 2014.

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  1. Flare Runner

    Flare Runner Habitual Pony

    3 September 2012
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    Name: Trail Blaze (Trail for short)

    Race: Unicorn

    Gender: Mare

    Age: Young Mare .

    Physical Description: Orange, Crimson, Red, Mane tied up like ty lee(avatar the last air bender)

    Special Talent: Pyrokinesis, Her cutie mark is two lines of fire like back to the future

    Primary Residence: Traveler Mobile home like Trixie

    Personality: A bit of a showoff, Can be quick to get angry but always willing to lend a hoof. Hobbies include preforming her magic and having fun with friends

    Past/History: The biggest things Trail remembers from her child hood are, getting angry at her sister and setting her own bed on fire (she was practicing her magic) that gave her her cutie mark and hearing her sister (sunset shimmer(friends picked it)) had disappeared.

    Written Sample:
    Trail Blaze woke up nice and early because she wanted to reach ponyville to see the summer sun rise, a sight she had not seen the princess do for many moons, Getting out of bed was not easy because she could not find her candles so she make a small flame at the end of her horn, remembering not to make it to big as to not set her home on fire, she looked around and saw the candles next to the mirror, she lit them as she went and tied her mane looking at the picture of her and her big sister. "Well i better get going if i don't want to miss the sun rise" she said to her reflection, she opened the door and set off down the road to ponyville

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  2. Fridge

    Fridge Live, Learn, Laugh, Love.

    17 May 2013
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    Everything looks alright. I have to say it would behoove you to check your grammar more throughly, because other than some small errors your written sample is fine. :)

    Please make sure to apply to the roleplay usergroup as well.

    Have fun!
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