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UK Bronies & Pegasisters Meets

Discussion in 'Confirmed Event Discussion' started by Amethyst Shade, 26 May 2022.

  1. Amethyst Shade

    Amethyst Shade Miss KittyBat

    24 October 2017
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    Hai there!

    I'm Amethyst and I run the events on the UK Bronies & Pegasisters website. We aim to act as a hub for getting all the UK's meets detailed in one place so no one misses out. I noticed a few ponies still rely on UKofE for their meet info so thought I'd post our links here so you can see if there's a meet near you.

    The below are screenshots from our website so make sure you visit www.ukbp.org/meets for the most up to date info.

    Hope this was helpful to somepony x


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