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UK PonyCon UK PonyCon 2018 - New Committee

Discussion in 'Conventions Discussion' started by daisyd, 18 January 2018.

  1. daisyd

    daisyd Honorary Pony

    1 October 2014
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    Hello everybody! Hope you are all well.

    This announcement is a 'hello' and a 'goodbye' for some people on the committee.

    This year, we're all very sad to be losing our chairperson Daffydilly. She's been in charge for two years now, and has decided to step down this year, as she has many other things going on that mean she sadly doesn't have time to commit to running things here any more. But a big thank you from us all! Enjoy your newfound free time [​IMG]:)

    In her place, as our new chair, we have Maz, who was vice chair last year, so is well placed to step up and 'take the reins' [​IMG];)

    We'd also like to give a big hand (hoof, maybe?) to our new Comms Lead, Irish O'Conner. Welcome to the madness that is PonyCon committee!

    Staying on the committee this year are some familiar (I hope) faces.

    Amlaur - Events Assistant
    Cherrysparks - Events Assistant
    Daisyd - Events Assistant
    Guidingbreeze - Treasurer
    Hampshirebrony - Operations Lead
    Metaphor - Volunteering Lead
    Midnightdynasty - Events Lead
    Sarahthrel - Events Assistant
    Sparkler - Arts and Design Lead
    vikki - Events Assistant

    We're all looking forward to organising another brilliant PonyCon for everybody. Things arealready happening behind the scenes - so keep watching out for announcements as the year goes on.

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