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UK PonyCon UK PonyCon 2018 Vendor Pre-Registration

Discussion in 'Conventions Discussion' started by daisyd, 11 January 2018.

  1. daisyd

    daisyd Honorary Pony

    1 October 2014
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    Hi everybody!

    Are you interested in being a stallholder at UK PonyCon 2018?

    Following on from feedback, and as a result of other factors, we aim to make a number of changes in 2018 to improve the experience of stallholders. One change we aim to make is not to put stallholder/vendor tickets onto general sale, but to have an applications process.

    This way, we can plan the vendor area with specific requests in mind. This may allow us to offer more variation in the type of stalls and allow more flexibility of arrangements, as well as simplifying some administrative matters.

    While it won’t be until the dates and venue are announced before we will open up the registration process, we are currently opening a pre-registration process.

    Pre-registration is completely optional and won’t affect the eventual registration process. After all, we don’t currently have a date or venue formally agreed to advise you of! However, we may send proposals or requests for feedback to stallholders who sign up and will be a chance to help shape the vendor experience. Stalls who pre-register will also be contacted directly when registration is open so are less likely to miss our announcements.

    You can complete the pre-registration form here:

    Thank you [​IMG]

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