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UK PonyCon UK PonyCon 2019 (venue/date TBA) -- Info and Discussion

Discussion in 'Conventions Discussion' started by Loganberry, 12 January 2019.

  1. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    Important: I am not UK PonyCon staff. This thread is being posted here as a convenience to UK of E members.

    Venue: TBA
    Dates: TBA
    Theme: Ocean Adventure

    It may only be January, but the first big piece of information about UK PonyCon 2019 has already been announced! The theme for this year's convention (UKPC's 16th!) will be "Ocean Adventure" as stated in this official con tweet:

    Over on the UKPC forums, there's a little extra information. In particular, that they hope to be able to announce further details in February. Starting to get exciting now! :)
  2. Hawker Hurricane

    Hawker Hurricane Habitual Pony

    14 January 2015
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    Looking forward to it. As soon as I know the dates I'll book the time off work.

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