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UKBP at PonyCon

Discussion in 'Confirmed Event Discussion' started by Amethyst Shade, 29 September 2019.

  1. Amethyst Shade

    24 October 2017
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    UK Bronies & Pegasisters are proud to announce our presence at UK PonyCon 2019.

    We have a dedicated hang out area at this year's convention where our members old and new can come to meet up and embrace the magic of friendship! Please come along and take advantage of the photo opportunity with our UKBP branded table - we want to see as many of your beautiful faces on our Facebook group as possible! Our table will be here all weekend so if anypony needs a break from the chaos just to chill out with some friendly faces, come along and boop us!

    Friday 11th - Pre-PonyCon Meet - Best Western City Centre Hotel (map)
    Many will be arriving in Nottingham on Friday for UK PonyCon, so we will be holding a pre-meet to welcome you with our usual friendly atmosphere and the inevitable plushie pile! The meet begins as soon as the first Bronies and Pegasisters arrive and ends when the last of us hits the hay, usually around 2am. Under 18s are welcome but only up to 9pm due to venue rules.

    Saturday 12th - Mid-Con Day Meet - Nottingham Conference Centre (UK PonyCon)
    At 5pm on Saturday, we will be holding a scheduled meet upstairs next to the activities area. This will be more like a traditional PonyMeet where our members can sit down and chat with friends you've perhaps only spoken with online.
    We negotiated this particular time slot with the UK PonyCon team so it would land right in the middle of the convention weekend. This way, everypony can share their experiences of the convention so far and even show off any exciting purchases already made.

    Saturday 12th - Mid-Con Night Meet - Best Western City Centre Hotel (map)
    Saturday night's meet will begin right after the end of The Beach Party at PonyCon at 11pm and go on into the night until the last of us hits the hay, usually around 3am. Due to the nature of the meet and venue, we must restrict this event to over 18s only.
    There will be Cards Against Equestria, Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic File and similar games. If you have a pony-related game you'd like to share with the herd, let us know and we will try to include it in our arrangements.
    This event will serve as a general hub for everypony to socialise with UKBP members into the night, so don't worry if the games aren't for you.

    Sunday 13th - Post-Con Meet - Best Western City Centre Hotel (map)
    Sunday's meet begins right after the end of the Convention at 6pm, but everypony is encouraged to go and get food before we get too comfortable to move! As on Friday, under 18s are welcome to join us up to 9pm but the hotel restricts us to 18+ from 9pm onwards.

    The Best Western City Centre Hotel is a 3 minute walk from the Convention.
    Follow the tram lines down the hill to Royal Centre tram stop, then turn right up Woollaton Street and the Best Western is on the left.
    The hotel is fully wheelchair accessible from street level with multiple lifts to all floors. The Café Bar area we're using is on the First floor and has nearby male, female and accessible toilets.

    For full details and any updates, head to www.ukbp.org/ponycon and if you haven't already, join our herd!

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