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Unicorn - SnoozyDreams

Discussion in 'Accepted/Active Characters' started by Snoozy, 19 April 2013.

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  1. Snoozy

    Snoozy bleh

    18 April 2013
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    ((My apologies in advance if this is in the wrong place;))

    Name: SnoozyDreams ( Snoozanna Marion Dreams )

    Race: Unicorn

    Gender: Mare

    Age: Young Mare, (18 in human years)

    Physical Description: Coat colour: Sky Blue, Eye colour: Dark blue, mane colour: Creamy blonde,
    She is a moderately built female unicorn with a medium length horn, Her mane and tail are long and flowing, yet in a messy style most of the time to express her laid back attitude, However she still maintains a somewhat attractive appearance.

    Special Talent: Pillow making, Her cutie mark is simply enough a plush white pillow, Some tend to mistake her talent for sleeping, since she seems to be asleep most of the day. When she isnt sleeping on the counter in her pillow-shop, she's hard at work hoof-stitching and stuffing them with precise measurement, love and detail, Creating the finest cushions in Equestria, But for now limited to Ponyville as business has yet to kick off.

    Primary Residence: Ponyville, She runs a small shop in the middle of town, She lives above the shop in a very simple room.

    Personality: Snoozy certainly lives up to her name, She is a very Laid-back / Lazy mare and always has been, Nothing much seems important to her and unfortunately important events and such are easily overlooked or forgotten. She i commonly found sleeping anywhere and everywhere, When she isnt running errends or attempting to run her struggling bushiness. As much as she wishes she could be more helpful to the community, Sleep is just too addicting.

    Past/History: Born and raised in canterlot by her strict snooty parents who had very high expectations of their daughter, She was forced into private education and made to take extra classes to brush up on her magic skills. She never made her parents expectations. Exhausted from constant study and pressure, Snoozy snapped, Becoming the laid back mare she is today. She started napping in class, Ignoring her parents, And eventually gave up on school alltogether, Her magic never received the practice and stimulation it needed to develop in her youth, So she now struggles with even simple spells such as levitation. levitation being essentially the only magical skill she can muster. It wasnt long before Snoozy grew too laid-back to cope with the hustle and bustle of canterlot, And so she moved to start her new life in Ponyville.

    How she got her cutiemark: Around the time the pressure was getting tough with her classes and parents demands, She spent a lot of time with her grandfather, she had a lot more in common with him than her parents, and he acted as the father she never had, She often watched him create stuffed animals by hoof, That being his special talent, She used to find watching him hoof-stitch relaxing, and it helped her cope with the stress her parents were putting on her. As time went on, She even started making her own. she didnt quite appreciate the outcome of her stuffed animals very much, they were generally mis-shapen and poorly stitched. This was also a point in time where Snoozanna feared she may never find a talent, it had always been forced into her mind that her talent would be something magic related, However she would soon find this was not the case.
    Her grandfather had taken ill due to age, And he could no longer sew. although tired, Snoozy continued to visit him. He suffered with a lot of aches and pains, Not wanting to see him suffer much longer, Snoozy used the remaining fabric and stuffing in her grandfathers workshop to create pillows for his aching body, Which he was thankful for. He commented on how it was one of the best things she had ever made for him. His final moments were the most relaxed of his entire life. She said goodbye to him one final time, Earning her cutie mark.

    (Much to her parents dismay, Can you imagine? 'A PILLOW? THAT'S YOUR SPECIAL TALENT?')

    Written Sample:
    The birds were chirping outside, Sunlight gleaming through the window as Celestia rose the sun for another glorious day. Snoozy remained snuggled up comfortably in her bedroom, Her bed littered with 'Reject' pillows, Pillows she had made which hadn't quite made the cut, or gone unsold.
    However they were still pillows and they were still the equivalent of sleeping on a cloud to her. 'This must be how pegasi sleep' the young unicorn often thought, She had always been very proud of her talent, Despite how her parents rejected her for it.

    Snoozy's alarm clock rang noisily, it was a simple bell-ringer design, Inherited from her grandmother when she were only a filly. Even with the constant ringing of noisy bells, The young Mare remained asleep, Too lost in her dreams to worry about whatever reasons she had to be awake that day. She only woke when she felt satisfied.
    Hours Later, Around mid-day, The creamy maned mare rose from her bed to greet the day, she still had sleep on her face, and mussed through her mane. A quick shake of the head and brush of the teeth and she was ready to open up for the day, Er, Afternoon

    She entered her musty little shop, Fluffy white pillows, and lacy elegant cushions filled the displays, Each at a friendly asking price.
    Snoozy sat at her counter, Picking up her needle and beginning to work on the pillow she had started the evening before.
  2. Rizae

    Rizae Rainbow Swag

    22 March 2012
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    Approved. Liking Snoozana a lot, you clearly put a lot of thought into her personality and history. Hopefully everypony will benefit from a much better night's sleep now she's around to help out! Have fun roleplaying, and don't forget to join the usergroup.
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