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Suggestion 'Vastomon' - a pokemon inspired RP

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by Recurrent Trotting, 16 July 2018.

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    30 March 2012
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    I've had an idea for a pokemon inspired RP rattling around in my head for a while now and I feel like I want to get some of the worldbuilding out in this thread and may even single-player rp this for a while (ie RP-style fanfic :p ) and see if anyone is interested in playing it with me.

    Key concepts
    -The name 'Vastomon' implies an expansive world inhabit by creatures with their own personalities, many of which are sentient and some of which have a superior intellect to humans and who control their own fates and exist in different communities/environments around their world. The word is in contrast to pokemon which implies that they are just items to be carried around in the pockets of humans for their use >:3 (this is meant more as a humorous then a preachy thing tho)
    -Realistic. There will be reasons for the key features of the 'vastomon' world. In particular, the distribution of many small tribes of vastomon implies that they are in general far less adaptable than humans, despite their sentience. This suggests that the sentient vastomons either have no desire to spread throughout the world, breed slowly, or face too much competition from, or are otherwise held in check, by other vastomon or humans.
    -Inspired by but not entirely faithful to pokemon canon/lore (although I love the pokemon concept I am not a fan of it in general - I have only played the first few gens and watched the animated series as a kid). 'Evolution' in particular is not a concept that I think I can make work in a realistic setting.

    Key narratives for players
    -The good guys in vastomon are in some ways the opposite of Pokemon trainers. They want humans and vastomon to coexist. This requires opposing the enslaving of vastomon, as well as preventing wars between sentient vastomon and human societies and restraining environmental destruction.
    -The bad guys in vastomon are people and vastomon who are fighting for the supremacy of their race over all the biomes of vastomon. 'Team Rocket' a technocratic paramilitary organisation embodies all that is bad in the vastomon world, as it strives to achieve dominance over all human socieites and the supremacy of humans over all vastomon.

    Pokemon concepts in use
    -The idea of a world full of different creatures in different environments which are sentient and have a close relationship with humans
    -The basic Pokemon and types are pretty much all the same eg Pickachus, Growlithes etc. The types of pokemon as they work in this world are set out below.
    -Pokeballs and healing at Pokecentres Team rocket has invented a device, colloquially called a Pokeball, that both stores and regenerates living beings. This has been used to capture vastomon from many different biomes for experimentation as well as humans who oppose their nefarious schemes. One of the results of this experimentation is a neural implant that allows individuals stored in such a manner to be directly controlled by their 'owner' which allows them to control influential individuals in business and the government as well as command the various powerful creatures on the planet.

    Pokemon concepts that are not in use
    -Evolution. Evolution occurs as normal.
    -Balances of resistances/strengths between pokemon. Vastomon are realistic and therefore splashing a rock vastomon with water will only irritate it. Psychic vastomon are therefore incredibly powerful while dog/cat-like vastomon are as strong as their earth equivalents.
    -Pokemon trainers, gymns and leagues as a typical part of everyday life. The core gameplay of pokemon of making animals battle each other is something that only an evil character would do in the vastomon world. If Team rocket win then the world of vastomon could be replaced by that of Pokemon D:

    Additional concepts
    -Dying. Vastomon and humans die quite a lot in this RP because both vastomon and humans (with advanced tech) are very dangerous creatures.
    -Weapons. Because humans do not typically enslave vastomon they have various means of defending themselves from aggressive vastomon. Often-times bullets are useless against vastomon, although they can be used, but more common are flamethrowers to counter aggressive grass/poison/normal vastomon and water-guns to counter aggressive fire-types.
    -Vastomon cities. Psychic vastomon are highly intelligent, organised beings who are also nearly immortal. They have two beautiful cities in the equator of the planet which are mythical places into which human minds are not permitted to pry. Certain vastomon with human-like intelligence like Clefairy also have rudimentary cities and religious sites.
    -Humans as aliens. Humans are clearly not like vastomon and it fits technologically, given the incredibly tech TR use, that they could have arrived on the planet through space travel. It also fits the narrative themes of treating the environment as a resource to be used up which is typical of a colonial mind-set.

    Meet the 'Vastomon'
    Normal types
    Example Chansey, Rattata, Kangaskhan

    These vastomon are the most similar to humans/earth animals biologically and are also the most diverse and adaptable of the vastomon, appearing in almost all biomes and happily travelling between each. Some, like Chansey, are as intelligent as humans, and have formed rudimentary societies, while others, like Rattata and Kangaskhan, are like highly intelligent animals. The sentient normal types are among the friendliest of all vastomon to humans. Chansey, in particular, have a relatively loving nature and seem to be blind to humanity's bad points, while adoring its relatively advanced technology and culture. Chansey often align themselves with good human factions which promote the safety of humans around the dangerous vastomon and encourage them to live in harmony with the vastomon world.

    Grass types
    Examples Bulbasaur, Bellsprout, Gloom

    These vastomon are as varied as the flora which they resemble. They are very similar to plants in their biology, and draw their nutrients largely from the sun through leaves and from the soil through roots. However, unlike plants, they physically move around and hunt and eat normal type pokemon and humans using toxic spores (Bulnasaur/Gloom) or crushing vines (Bellsprout). Grass types are not intelligent and do not form societies, although they have a basic low cunning. Grass types and humans loathe each other dye to their mutual lethality and as they have been forced to closely co-exist (humans need their food-rich environments for agriculture)

    Rock types
    Examples Geodude, Graveller, Onyx

    These rare vastomon live in the earth's crust and in mountains near special forms of porous rock which seems to be suitable for breeding. Their biology involves a flesh and blood creature that progressively fuses with rock over the course of its long gestation in its mother's rocky womb, with variations depending on the rock type. They eat soil and rocks, which are digested by powerful acids in their stomachs. Some resemble gigantic worms (Onyx) while others are just a basic rock with limbs (Geodude, Graveller). They are as intelligent as earth cows, and are not aggressive as no other Vastomon competes with them in any way. However, they will attack humans who interfere with their food-source (eg by quarrying their rocks, blowing them up for roads, building on them etc). An aggressive rock vastomon is virtually unstoppable as they are impervious to bullets, flamethrowers and water-guns. They can be stopped by the same things that would destroy rocks ie bombs.

    Poison types
    Examples Koffing, Grimer

    These unusual vastomon are the result of environmental toxins from vastomon and human cities being absorbed by grass type pokemon which, over the centuries, has caused them to become massively corrupted. As grass types the Koffings used to resemble balloons filled with spores, while Grimers resembled a large sentient moss, but now they appear as their pokemon forms. Their basic biology is similar to grass-types but they no longer photosynthesise (they still absorb water) and therefore are much more aggressive; they almost exclusively eat humans and large normal type vastomon (such as Kanhaskhan). These vastomon kill by a variety of lethal diseases, poisons and deception (Koffing's name refers to the common symptom of being exposed to its lethal spores/fumes). They are slightly more intelligent than other grass-types due to being exclusively predators. All humans and normal type vastomon will flee/attack these creatures on sight. Humans use water-guns on Grimers as they are resistant to fire due to the sludge in which they are coated.

    Fire types
    Examples Charizard, Magmar, Growlithe

    These rare vastomon are found under the earth's crust or near volcanoes. Their biology is similar to the rock pokemon in that they have fused with rock, but unlike those vastomon, fire types have found a way to use tectonic friction and flammable gasses to create plumes of flame, which they use to hunt all vastomon and humans near their territory (which they do for fun, not necessity, as they eat soil and rocks like their earth kin). They have a sub-human intellect, akin to a highly intelligent species of primate, and form crude, violent societies dominated by endless inter-tribe warfare where the same volcano can feature as many as 10 warring fire factions. Magmar are slow and very territorial, rarely exiting the earth's crust; they sometimes feed off other rock-type pokemon. Charizards are the scourge of humans and many vastomon as they can fly far from their volcanoes in search of prey - fortunately their numbers are few thanks to the constant in-fighting. Growlithes are unusual in that they have a more amicable nature akin to the dogs which they resemble. Once they were the slaves/prey of the more powerful fire vastomon, but now they increasingly find a home in human societies, who provided for them by mining the resources they need and providing burning kennels for them to reside in. Due to their awesome abilities, intelligence and loyal nature the police and military have made great use of Growlithes.

    Water types
    Example Squirtle, Blastoise

    Water types are rare vastomon that are found near underwater volcanoes. Their biology is also similar to the rock pokemon in that they have fused with rock, but unlike those vastomon and unlike fire types, they use the tectnnic friction to fire bursts of super-heated water and steam. Little is known about them as they tend to live on the ocean-bottom and they are difficult to study. It is known that they have a similar primate-like temperament to fire types, but appear far less aggressive. It is assumed that they consume rock/soil similarly to their rock/fire kin.

    Examples Mew, Gengar

    The supreme beings of vastomon have the ability to control sentience itself. Nothing about their biology is known for sure, as they have not permitted official study. It is known, however, that their appearance is an illusion which they project. Mews are neutral or friendly psychic types who do not wish humans to fear them. They present the form of a cat in the misapprehension from old human memories of cats on earth that cats were the master-race on earth :p Gengar project an avatar of death that also resembles a cat - for a human to see a Gengar is normally to lose his/her mind, trapped in a perpetual nightmare from which only the most psychically strong (or neurally enhanced) can be rescued. Psychic types live in two gorgeous cities in the most beautiful areas of the Vastomon world and nowhere else, as the emotional and physical ugliness of other vastomon and humans is lethal to them. Humans are undivided in their awe of these beings but do divide on whether they are Gods or Devils. Team Rocket subscribes to the latter view and has vowed to use its technology to control them.

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