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We Put our Hearts at Stake

Discussion in 'Fanfics & Writing' started by Danishbrony2011, 28 December 2020.

  1. Danishbrony2011

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    17 March 2014
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    We Put Our Hearts At Stake - Olta Boka

    "The clock ticks like a heart
    The clock runs crazy, it has no hands
    You stole the time from my life
    The coldness of your voice fell on my heart
    Covering the last shelter of love"

    Part 1

    Applejack she arrived wit the train in Canterlot, and she was greeted by Braeburn and his friends from Appleloosa at the train station that afternoon.

    "Hey! Nice to see you again Applejack after your last visit in Appleloosa!" Braeburn said.

    "Yup! Sure!" Applejack said.

    "Everything's alright Applejack? I think this will be the rodeo of the decade!" Braeburn said.

    Then Applejack and Braeburn talked about the last time they was together in Appleloosa.

    Later was Applejack shopping, eating and sightseeing in Canterlot before she took the train to Dodge Junction where she had ordered a room. That next day was Applejack going to Canterlot where she met with her old friend Fleur De Lis in a cafe.

    "Hi again Applejack! I look forward to your show next night!" Fleur De Lis said.

    "And this day marks my Birthday!" Applejack said.

    "Well I could talk with the princess about hosting your party in the castle tonight!" Fleur De Lis said.

    So that evening was the final prepartions for Applejack's party finished in the princess garden that sunny summer evening. As Applejack entered the garden with drinks, soda, banners and more. A crowd showed up and it was Fleur De Lis and her friends and family from Canterlot. The party went on till late in the night where Applejack went back to Dodge Junction.

    "Good Evening everypony! Nice to see this crowd at the roundup!" Luna said as Applejack was ready for her performance at the rodeo.

    "We have a star tonight, and that is Applejack who had been in rodeos since she was a filly!" Luna said while the crowd cheered.

    Later were Applejack the last to perform, as the crowed went wild again. But Applejack still had no blue ribbon.

    "Congrats to Applejack with her second place!" Luna said while the crowd cheered.

    "Not bad with a second place Applejack, and even the day after your Birthday!" Fleur De Lis said that had been in the crowd.

    Applejack did her best to get the blue ribbon that week, but the days passed.

    That made Applejack stay in Dodge Junction the remains of the week, and she met with her friend from school Cherry Jubilee.

    "I'm sorry to hear about that! Anyway I have some work for you instead at my cherry farm if you need the money!" Cherry Jubilee said.

    Twilight wondered where Applejack could be, as she would had loved to party all night with Pinkie Pie at the surprise party so she went to the mayor.

    "What? That could mean she would had lost the rodeo." The Mayor said to Twilight.

    "She might still be somewhere in Canterlot so take your friends there!" The Mayor said to Twilight.
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