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Wisdom Pen

Discussion in 'Accepted/Active Characters' started by Wisdom Pen, 21 September 2013.

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  1. Wisdom Pen

    Wisdom Pen Residential Philosopher and Wizard of Lincoln

    31 May 2012
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    Father and Daughter.png

    Name: Wisdom Pen

    Race: Pegasi

    Gender: Stallion

    Age: Mid-Aged Stallion

    Physical Description: Brown Body, Light Blue Eyes, Yellow Mane Long as well as tail both unkept

    Special Talent: Knowledge Writing (The ability to use magic to instantly organise and then transfer thoughts straight onto paper through meditation), Cutie Mark is the Hindu Aum Symbol seeing as one of the main expressions of the Aum is that is encompasses all language where Ah sound starts at the back of the throat to the tongue with the Uh sound and ending in the Meh sound at the lips.

    Primary Residence: Canterlot Outskirts, Cottage

    Personality: Shy, Recluse, Keeps to self mostly, only opens up around close friends and family, caring, intelligent, kind, moral, peaceful, cynical, sceptical, controversial but most importantly wise.

    Born to a family of Pegasi scholars, learnt to question and debate everything in society and to never assume anything without a justified reason. One day went out walking around Canterlot and fell into an old mine shaft into the old gem mines at the heart of Canterlot Mt. And came across some intriguing glowing stone he found the place to be peaceful and a great place to sit and think about ideas and thoughts, so he took a rope ladder and started going there regularly and found it so increased his ability to comprehend things that he started taking quill and paper down to write these thoughts (with his mouth).

    He discovered that a particularly brightly glowing white part of the stone that caught his attention seeing as the closer he got to it the more clearly he thought, till one day he decided to take a pick axe down with him and worked on it the whole day until he crafted a small white gem out of the rock, he had shaped it into a similar shape as a symbol he read in an Eastern Magic book written by distant Ponies far away called the Aum symbol, he looped a black lace through a hole he made in it and as soon as he put the gem around his neck he felt a surge of consciousness and thought causing him to black out.

    When he awoke he saw glowing letters burnt into the rock around him writing out everything he'd been thinking and it appeared a jumbled horrible mess. He decided to use the ancient zebra meditation method to calm his mind and help him to articulate his thoughts clearly in his head then when he was ready he placed the gem around his neck again and this time he felt the surge but it was much more controlled, it felt like electricity was running all through his body deep down to his very nature. He looked over at the paper and with just a thought the paper hovered over to him glowing white and with a focus on the paper letters burst out of his gem striking the paper and writing words and it was at that very point that he got his cutie mark and became the first Pegasi to ever gain the power to do magic, however if he isnt wearing his gem then he is instantly incapable of doing any magic at all.

    He went on to discover how a Unicorns horn is merely an inbuilt version of his gem and that gems of many types have many different magical properties and benefits to the extent that he started selling these gems to other ponies so that they could use the properties for personal use such as writing and reading and many other talents that are usually only open to Unicorns and even then he found that Unicorns were buying his gems as they could be very useful to train their magic with like training wheels.

    He went on to become a scholar like most in his family and wrote many books on Magic, Philosophy and Gems but his best selling work was “The Elements of Harmony: A reference guide” It was one of his proudest works but most definitely not his greatest for since that first day in the mine he has worked on a book that will link magic and science together through philosophical and gemanatic formula he has called it “the grand unifying theory” but it is still missing a few vital pieces that he has been racking his mind over for decades. Throughout student years right through to being the head of Philosophy at Canterlot University, he has mostly forgone social interaction and instead focuses on intellectual study bar from a few close friends and family.

    Written Sample:

    Wisdom Pen sat down on the floor of his specially built meditation room and assumed a comfortable position. Slowly he allowed the whole world to drift away and began to focus only on the sound of his own breathing letting it draw in, holding it for a few seconds and then letting it flow out. After a few minutes of emptying his mind he allowed himself to come back to reality enough to focus on the first page of a stack of blank papers he had in a neat pile next to him, half opening his eyes he allowed the old feeling of electricity to flow through his body from the old gem hung around his neck. Slowly letters floated out of the glowing gem as bright as their source and alighted on the paper so soft that you would call snowflakes clumsy and disorganised.

    As words began to form and words became sentences and sentences became paragraphs he allowed the letters to move faster and faster and faster until Wisdom was surrounded in a billow of paper circling him with letters firing like lasers out of the gem at unsuspecting paper. As Wisdom got into the swing of things he began to slowly hum a tune to himself and feeling like he was mere words away from cracking this aspect of his theory.

    “HI DAD!”
    “oh sorry Dad its just that you told me to come get you immediately when the letter from Canterlot University got here” Replied Rose Wing looking down at her hooves kicking them absent mindedly.
    “oh” Wisdom said looking rather embarrased “yes, yes I did sorry Rose I didnt mean to shout it's just that you scared me”
    “That's ok Dad” said Rose Wing proceeding to glomp her father
  2. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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