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Worcester meet feedback

Discussion in 'Event Feedback' started by Pigasus, 10 June 2013.

  1. Patrick Rowberry

    Patrick Rowberry waits for series 9 of robot wars

    24 September 2013
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    glad to have such a great meet
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  2. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    That was really enjoyable. :) Thank you, everyone, and as I said elsewhere it was especially good to see those who aren't able to make it along very often, such as @vcgriffin. Good job the big table was free with ten of us there!
    I think it worked fine today, so no worries. I think a couple of things helped. One, that it's a relatively short game: I've been to meets where a subgroup has played the CCG for hours after lunch and we literally haven't exchanged a word thereafter until "Bye". And two, the aforementioned largish attendance. That meant we could have two subgroups of reasonable size, which might not have been the case with, say, six people there.

    So yes, a very good meet I thought. Even if I did yet again have my Chase the Ace points snatched away for the truly disgraceful reason of not having good enough cards. It's a conspiracy, I tells ya! :p
  3. vcgriffin

    vcgriffin the (Quie Deaf) mustached Subgenius pony

    28 June 2012
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    Thank you for having me ^^

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