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Worcester Shires

Discussion in 'Confirmed Event Discussion' started by Pigasus, 19 January 2015.

  1. Patrick Rowberry

    Patrick Rowberry waits for series 9 of robot wars

    24 September 2013
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    good news; boleros is open, however i know for many its too soon to start meet ups but i may be woth think about when

    I personally think mid July but what do you guys think also we can still have vertical and irl meet ups as well
  2. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    As some of you will already know, @Patrick Rowberry and I managed to coincide in Worcester today, and we did spend a short amount of time in "our" room at Bolero's before going back outside. (And yes, I had a chocolate muffin...) So technically it was a Bolero's ponymeet, even if it was a minimal one! Happy to report that it's still quiet downstairs and still very similarly laid out to how it's always been. I'm afraid neither of us managed to injure ourselves, spill water, etc, though...

    We didn't actually sit at the big table; it was more convenient for social distancing for us to sit at separate but neighbouring smaller tables along the right-hand wall as you come down the stairs. But I did make sure that Fluttershy claimed the big table for Equestria! for our group. Photo attached. :p

  3. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    Happy New Year!

    Last year was the year we stopped having in-person meets.
    This year will be the year we start again!

    Much too early to suggest which month, even as a guess, but it's going to happen at some point. As such, I'm going to post a few thoughts about that. I must stress that these are my personal thoughts, not any sort of "Official Worcester Shires Policy", so please don't read any of this as meaning this will happen. As I say, it's just thoughts.

    A little rambly, so please look under the cut. Note that this was written before lockdown started, though what I said still applies pretty well.

    I think we have three broad categories to consider once we start becoming able to think about meets again. They are:

    1. What is allowed
    This is the most straightforward, I guess. At the moment (Monday 4 Jan), anywhere in England (except the Isles of Scilly!) you basically can't meet up. Yes, in Tier 3 there's a limited exception for up to six people in an outdoor public space (eg a park) but practically speaking meets aren't allowed. We'd need to be back to around the Tier 1 level before it was logistically possible. That won't be for some while yet, sadly.

    2. What is sensible
    Going right up to the limit of the rules is not generally a great idea. For example, as things stand here in Tier 3 Worcestershire it would be permitted for me to jump on a train at Kidderminster and go to Worcester -- that's all within the same council area. So I'd be allowed to travel like that for fun even as things stand. Would it be a good idea? I really don't think so.

    3. What is comfortable
    This is the most subjective one, and we won't all have the same feelings about it. By this I mean whether we personally feel okay with travelling and meeting in whatever way, even after criteria 1 and 2 are met. For example back in the summer it was allowed to have six people meeting indoors. I wouldn't have been comfortable with that at the time, even though I was okay with meeting just Pat in Worcester.

    I think it's quite possible that, when we first start to meet up again, some people will feel more comfortable than others. For example, those who have to travel further, who have underlying conditions, who live or work with elderly/vulnerable people etc may feel the need to wait a bit longer. How the vaccination programme proceeds will have a bearing, too. As such, our first meets back are unlikely to be particularly large ones.

    We will also need to accept that there may have to be restrictions on numbers, for example if a "Rule of Six" type thing is still in effect. This will probably affect indoor locations more than outdoors, so it's possible that sitting in a small group outdoors will be okay but sitting in that same small group indoors won't be. Which, yes, sadly does mean that...

    ...we may have to wait quite some time before all of us can sit around the big Bolero's table again. It's indoors, the room doesn't have windows, it's got people passing through because of being on the route to the gents, etc. I felt okay sitting there with Pat in August, and I felt the staff were excellent, so hopefully we'll be back. But not straight away.

    Any restrictions on numbers will also mean we won't be able to run our usual "wander in and join us if you feel like it" approach. Again, this is a shame. It may be that if we do have, say, a six-person limit that the only workable approach is to ask people to "book" their attendance in advance. That, I'm aware, will be quite awkward for some of us.

    It may not be possible to stay in the same place throughout the meet as we've generally done in the past, especially at first. It may be necessary to spend, say, an hour indoors and the rest of the time walking around Worcester outdoors. Again, this will be awkward for some people and I'm sorry about that, but I can't really see a way around it.

    I'd expect mask rules to remain in effect, certainly indoors, for quite some time yet, so they may well be a factor when we start to meet again. I'm obviously aware that some people are exempt and that's fine, but for the rest of us we're going to have to get used to wearing them when we're together, at least to start with. Oh, and if anyone finds MLP hand sanitiser, let us know! :p

    There are probably more things I've forgotten to mention, but I think that's enough rambling from me for now! It will be a fairly long and bumpy road back to meeting up in the way we'd all like, but at least we can start to see the road now. I'll end on that hopeful note. :)
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