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Wreck, the dragon

Discussion in 'Accepted/Active Characters' started by Aethelberdia, 9 May 2014.

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  1. Aethelberdia

    Aethelberdia Returning Pony

    20 October 2013
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    Name: Wreck (his actual name is exactly 147 letters long, so he just uses the last (and most fitting) syllable)

    Race: Dragon

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Physical Description: Wreck is bigger than most ponies, but only by a few inches. He's also very noticeable due to his coloration, which is a white main body with sky-blue spikes, fronds, etc. He has turquoise eyes and his wing membranes are a greyish-blue.

    Special Talent: Wreck is a freelance adventurer. In short, he will do stuff for money and excitement. However, he tends to be the one who smashes the door in and walks right up to obvious traps. Wreck has no specific talent, just a propensity to... well, wreck things, like plans. This tends to get him in trouble, big time.
    Primary Residence: A cave in the side of a mountain. He went to great lengths to make it look 'cool', like putting torch brackets and huge stone doors up.

    Personality: Unbelievably reckless. This is a blessing and a curse: being a young dragon, Wreck can do things ponies can't - like walk into firetraps. Thus, being young, he has no regard for his own safety and lives for thrills. Hence his obsession with 'cool' things, like black, shiny armor and blue flames. However, his recklessness means it's never too late, because he'll be there doing it already. Even if it is walking into a trapped doorway.
    He's also got a terrible temper, meaning he appears quick-tempered at best and bipolar at worst.

    Past/History: Was abandoned by his mother, like most young dragons are, after about a year. However, he was already about as intelligent as an equine 12-year old. Being reckless, he decided to simply jump off a mountain and fly after his mother. Needless to say, he fell, landing straight on his head. He has since fallen so many times the skull there is reinforced. Anyway, he taught himself (being one of about 7 siblings) how to hunt, make shelter, and eventually to fly.
    Being himself, he instantly left for Equestria at about 10 years old. Getting there, he lived in various small villages, doing jobs, slaying ravenous beasts, raiding ancient crypts, etc. Etc. until he found his way to Ponyville... where he does jobs, subdues ravenous beasts, etc. but with a few friends.

    Written Sample
    Wreck landed, face first, in the middle of the barn. Thankfully, there was no livestock or farmers in the barn, so he decided to set up for the night, till he got back to the Dragonhold (he was quite pleased with the name).
    Exhaling a small jet of flame from between his teeth (Wreck never paid much attention to how: it was fire, it was magical, who needs the rest, he thought) he lit a bundle of hay on fire, only afterwards remembering to move the hay away from the wooden walls. "Damn, always with the jumping about, aren't you?" Wreck said to the fire, half expecting a reply. He got one in that the fire set his cloak alight.
    "Aah! Stupid flames! Get your greasy mitts off my clothes!" The conflagration didn't say anything, leaving him to ponder why all his cloaks were destroyed by being set on fire. Probably because they were too long, he mused. Perhaps short ones would be better.
    Perhaps, he thought, I should just use blue flames instead.
    The heat had set his money on fire, starting a fresh bout of oaths and curses.
    #1 Aethelberdia, 9 May 2014
    Last edited: 18 August 2014
  2. Fridge

    Fridge Live, Learn, Laugh, Love.

    17 May 2013
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    An interesting character, should be good to see around and getting into adventures. :)
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