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Zehnny's future art livestreams!

Discussion in 'Art and Drawings' started by Zehnny, 15 September 2014.

  1. Zehnny

    Zehnny Habitual Pony

    16 August 2014
    Likes Received:

    Uhm, Hi. My name is Zehnny...

    Prff, I'm no Fluttershy really.
    Hey, I'm Zehnny. And I am a digital artist. Or at least I think being an MS Paint user counts as being able to do digital art. lol
    Anyway, in the next couple of weeks I plan on starting art livestreams. The information can be found here:

    I am just looking for people who would be interested in seeing what I do. And maybe if there are any artists who would maybe like to join me in my streams? I would like to get to know a few more people around here.
    I have never done any livestreams myself before. Although I have been in them with friends. They have always turned out hilarious.
    Also wondering if people could spread the word, maybe? I would like to know that a few people will be watching my stuff ^^
    Thank yooouuuuu~

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